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Is it time to take the next step and introduce meditation? Maybe you are interested in adding healthier eating habits to your practice? As a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance our studio is a power house of knowledge and we are here to help! 


Why Yoga? How can it help?

The Truth...

The truth is most people think taking a yoga class will help stretch the body and provide a gentle workout, and this is true, for about 1% of our clients. How about the other 99%? Why do they come to the studio and unroll their mats? Let us share with you some experiences!

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On demand courses designed to enrich and grow your yoga and wellness practice on and off of the mat. Enjoy courses tailored to nourish your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Our mini courses include meditation, cultivating a positive mindset, yoga, diet and nutrition and much more. Our larger courses include 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training, Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers, Kids Yoga Teacher Training, and much more!


Kidding around Yoga

KAY Classes
See why the whole family loves Yoga!

Why yoga works: Yoga reduces stress by triggering the Relaxation Response. This is achieved through conscious breathing, practicing poses, learning relaxation techniques, and meditation. The antidote to the Stress Response is the Relaxation Response, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

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