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Your Instructors

Barb S

Barb had been attending yoga classes at a gym for several years, but it was not until she attended her first studio class that she fell in love with the philosophy and purpose of yoga.  The desire to learn more and share the joy with others is what drove her to complete a 200 hour teacher training course at OMasana while working full time as an Indiana public servant. Barb’s view of the world changed as she dove deep into the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita – finding ageless spiritual knowledge and comfort.
Barb’s mission is to help people of all ages enjoy the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga – both on and off the mat.   Her classes incorporate elements of yoga philosophy, breathwork and meditation. Barb is a warm, friendly teacher who makes her students feel welcome.

Kylin B

Kylin Brown began her yoga journey in high school as a way to connect with friends and add a gentle workout to her routine. Through regular practice, she gained stress relief and a more positive body image. Now as a busy mom and business owner, she still relies on that time on the mat to strengthen her body and calm her mind. Kylin earned her 200 hour yoga teacher certification from CITYOGA School of Health and Wellness in Indianapolis in February 2016. Her intention is to guide others on their yoga journey by creating a safe and nurturing environment to provide knowledgeable instruction.

Charles W RYT500®

Charles received his RYT200 and RYT300 at Inner Peace Yoga Center in Indianapolis.  He found his way to yoga through his practice of meditation and wanting to grow his practice.  Charles has been teaching yoga and meditation to students for 2 years.  In Charles spare time he enjoys skydiving, hiking, and spending time in nature. 

Elizabeth M RYT500®

Elizabeth was introduced to Yoga several times throughout her life, however she was not receptive to the idea until sometime around 2012 when her life took an unexpected turn.  Since then the practice has truly become a part of her daily life! She began her educational journey in 2015 taking a 200 hour intense immersion RYT course with Jenni K. and Ross C. at Evolutions Yoga. In 2016-2017 she decided to furthering her education  studying under Charles and Carol Crenshaw at Inner Peace Yoga Center. Here she embarked on a wonderful adventure studying the practices of classical Hatha Yoga, Yogic Science and Philosophy, meditation, and pranayama. Completing her 200RYT in 2017 she decided to begin a new adventure with Charles and Carol digging even deeper in all that is yoga and working toward completing an additional 300 hours of training and earning her 500 RYT certification. 

Lorie D RYT200®

Lorie is a Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified teacher. Being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2007 lead to deepening her yoga practice, and found it to serve on the emotional, mental and physical level, and with life itself. Her journey in yoga has brought a new sense of calm, steadiness, better parenting skills, and to live life with a heart of compassion. She believes this shows in her own personal practice and in her yoga teachings. She enjoys bringing people together for the practice of yoga, and often those who are new are pleasantly surprised in the way they feel after. She feels there is always something to learn when one steps on their mat whether it's learning to breathe properly, setting the foundation of a pose, alignment, lengthening, or stretching. She feels the tools learned on the mat can be applied to daily living off the mat. It has been these tools that has transformed her into a better “self”. 

Ross C E-RYT200®, YACEP®

Ross is a student and scholar of Yoga. He loves introducing the practices of yoga to any and all who are searching for a greater understanding of themselves and their place within creation. Yoga found Ross in 2008 after he completed his collegiate studies of Philosophy and Religion. Since then, Ross continues to serve his students with the utmost compassion and joy. He loves passing along the traditions of Yoga and Meditations as they have been preserved through the millennia and he believes they are meant to heal the whole of humanity in time.

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